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Rocks Colour the World is an art-project you can’t buy or go look for.
It only needs to be found. 

If you have found a rock you can participate by sharing your story about it.
The story of how and where you found it, the kind of experience it was. The rock only needed
to be found and you are free to do with it as you please. We would like to offer you the
suggestion of actively participating in this art-project by paying it forward.

You do so by placing the rock on a spot you select and by taking a picture of it. Then you can
leave the rock there so it can be found by someone else. You can upload a link to this picture (not the picture itself) or you can send it to us by email ( We will then place it on the website so the person who finds this rock can add his/her story.
This way you will be able to follow the journey of ‘your’ rock.

Hopefully the rocks will keep on the move and will keep creating new experiences and stories
for all to share and enjoy.

Life is Like a Jar of Rocks

Rock stories

  In memory of Ruth Bader.